All the tricks of Fallout 4!

Of course we won’t use any of them!

Fallout 4 was released last week and managed to capture all the players at once. If it’s a Bethesda game, of course, cheats have to be an important part of it. Here are the console residences of the game.

To open the console screen, you must press the (“) key.

tgm – Makes you immortal.

tcl – you can walk through the walls and comfortably go in any direction on the playground.

tai – turns off artificial intelligence.

tcai – war turns off its artificial intelligence. No one will attack you.

killall – kills everyone in the zone of influence. It not only kills important characters and participants for the story.

kill [ Enter ID] – the enemy with the selected ID dies instantly.

resurrect [Enter ID] – the creature/person with the selected ID comes to life.

setgs fJumpHeightMin [enter a number] – You set your jump measurement.

player.setav speedmult [enter a number] – sets your running speed according to the number you typed.

tfc – Activates the weather camera.

tm – Removes or reopens the interface. It is one-to-one for taking screenshots.

setscale [Decode a number from 1 to 10] – Sets the height of you or your target according to the number you type.

sexchange – Changes the gender of your character.

player.additem [enter item ID] [enter number] – Instantly adds an item you know its ID october your inventory.

Example: The bottle cap (game coin) ID is 0000000f.If you enter the command as follows:

player.additem 000000f 100

100 pieces of bottle caps will be added to your inventory. So this way you can have unlimited money.

set timescale to [enter a number] – Slows down/speeds up time. if you type a minus value from 1 to 16 (-), the time decelerates.

tdetect – NPCs cannot see you.

player.modav [Type Skill] [Type number] – you can bring your skills to the desired level.

player.setlevel [enter a number] – You can increase your level as much as you want.

caqs if you type this fleeting command, the main game scenario ends automatically. I don’t recommend.

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