Cheats and console commands for Euro Truck Simulator 2

With Euro Truck Simulator 2 cheats and console commands, you can get free fuel, use it to escape from the cops or not get tired.


With the cheats of Euro Truck Simulator 2, you can easily solve many problems that you are experiencing. All you have to do is enter the console commands. Although it may seem very easy to work a material from one point to another, considering that it takes miles and days, it seems like it’s not a bad idea to get some help. The game cheats that you will use will allow you to safely and easily deliver important cargoes to many cities of Europe all the way. With each city you explore, your endurance, skill and speed will be pushed to their limits. Probably, many of you are wondering about using the ETS 2 Money Trick.

Cheats and Console Commands for Euro Truck Simulator 2

In order for Euro Truck Simulator 2 cheats to be active, first of all “C:\Users\username\Documents you need to open the folder that is located under “” and contains the name of the game. However, this folder path may be customized when you install your Windows. If you can’t find it for that reason, you need to find this folder first. Its solution is quite simple. Type “%USERPROFILE%” into the search. It will automatically take you to this folder. Now that we have gone to the Documents folder, click onconfig, which is located at the bottom of this directory.locate the cfg file and open it using Notepad, and then edit the following section as shown:

change the place where you see g_console “0” to g_console “1”.

While playing the game, press the ~ tilde key (located under the Escape key (ESC)) to display the console window. Next, type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Cheat codes
g_police 0 – Turns off the cops
g_police 1 – Turns on the cops
g_traffic 0 – Closes traffic
g_traffic 1 – Opens traffic
g_set_time xx – Takes the clock forward by xx
g_set_time – Change of time
g_fps – Displays the FPS rate
g_flyspeed – You can change the speed limit of the camera as you like
edit – Enters the map editor
exec – Executes commands in files
exit – Exit the console/ game
game – Reloads the game
pause – Pauses the game
save – Saves the game quickly
screenshot – Takes a good screenshot
r_vsync – Enables/disables VSYNC
s_master_volume – Enables/Disables audio
r_fullscreen – Enables/disables full screen

Free Fuel
When you have completed refueling your truck at a service station; instead of driving away, save the game and exit. Start the game again, reload your registration and move away. The game will not charge the fee that is normally charged when you drive away from the fuel station.

Maximum braking
In the game options, you can change the power of the brakes. Open it to the fullest! At first, you will brake harder than you would like, but then it will prevent rear-end crashes and rollovers.

Get more sleep, earn money
You can rest up to three times in a row. If you have enough drivers to cover your debt interest, you can use this opportunity to make money faster.

Skill progression
No matter what concerns your skills or the skills of your drivers, you should make sure that you have access to the best offers on the freight market. Therefore, you should start by spending points on all six ADR skills, one for Valuable Cargo, one for Fragile Cargo, and two for On-Time Delivery. This, combined with long distance skills, will unlock all offers and prevent your drivers from finding any offers and returning without cargo.

Tips for Police and Fatigue
It can be used by police, red light crossing, traffic crime, speeding, wrong way, etc. and it can cut you penalty while driving long. To disable it, it will be enough to do the following:

Go to my documents.
Then open the folder ”Euro Truck Simulator 2″.
Open the ”Profile” folder.
Next, open any folder in it.
Now open the ”config” file with notepad
change usetg_fatigue to “1” and g_police to “1”
use g_fatigue “0”
use g_police “0”
Save the file.
When you start the game again, you will be able to continue the game easily without the police and fatigue.

Is it worth buying Euro Truck Simulator 2?
Simulation games may not suit everyone, but there are still valid reasons why Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a worthy game. Euro Truck Simulator 2, with its numerous positive review scores on Steam and more than five million copies sold on the platform, makes it one of the best simulation games. The price is also quite affordable as of the date we published the content, which makes it a good alternative for those who love the genre. It is impossible to use cheats and console commands in Euro Truck Simulator 2 without already having the game 🙂

If there are any cheats and console commands for Euro Truck Simulator 2 that you also know that are not here, you can share them with us and have them published here.

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