Counter Strike: Global Offensive cheats /cheat codes

When playing against bots in offline mode in the CS GO game or when playing on workshop maps, you can first activate cheats by opening the console and typing Sv_cheats 1, then you can use the following codes by typing.

NOTE: These codes are not used in competitive mode.

If you want to be able to pass through the walls: noclip
Invincibility mode: god
For bots to get sniper rifles only: bot_niper_only
For bots to use only knives: bot_knives_only 1
If you want the opponent not to be able to see you: notarget
If you want to kill bots for that round: bot_kill
To prevent bots from moving: bot_zombie 1
If you want to adjust the difficulty level of bots: bot_difficulty
If you want bots to be able to buy pistols only: bot_pistols_only


WARNING: The cheat codes on our site are content compiled on the Internet, there is no chance of being tested by us due to the large number of games, and our site cannot confirm the accuracy and security of the cheat content. Therefore, if you decide to use the cheats written on our site, you should know that the responsibility lies entirely with you.

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