Dying Light 2: Stay Human cheats / cheat codes

We have compiled tips and tricks for you about the action-role-playing, survival-horror game Dying Light 2: Stay Human, developed and distributed by Techland. This article can also answer the answer to your questions such as “Dying Light 2 weapon upgrade”, “Dying Light 2 weapon modes”. This guide applies to all playable versions of the game on PC, Playstation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch.

The private seller Craftmaster, located in large settlements, sells recipes such as throwable weapons, weapon modes, or upgrades your existing recipes. Crafting recipes also have levels. You need to bring the right ingredients so that you can level up. Initially, some money is required, as well as infected trophies that can be looted from zombies, such as Goons or Biters that appear at night. If it is at the next levels, it will cost more to upgrade the recipe level. At the highest level, you will have to bring rare infected trophies and military-grade equipment found only on airplanes on rooftops.

In Dying Light 2, you can go to the rooftop gardens, which are marked with tall and yellow trees, to find things like daisies, honey and UV Shroomz that you need for crafting. In addition, some zombies may have workers’ supplies or money on them. Therefore, you have the opportunity to search for every body you find and get the things you need. Jul. In addition, in the game you need to go out at night and explore the Dark areas of Villedor. There are many zombies in the buildings, as well as many things such as pigments, wiring, which are used to make a weapon mode.

Repairing or Modifying Your Weapons

Weapons in the game have 3 slots in which mods can be placed: tip, shaft and grip. If you add a mod to any of these slots, 50% of the weapon’s durability is also repaired; if you have the right materials, it is also possible to create a weapon mode in the weapon menu. These modes are not very costly, they require only basic consumables. Use a weapon you like until it breaks, not replacing it immediately. By adding many high-level mods at the final stage, you will get your weapon working better and stronger than ever before.

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