Expeditions: Conquistador cheats / cheat codes

Developed by logic artists and released in 2013, and is distributed by BitComposer-tactical role-playing game Expeditions: conquistador on the world map in the console (default is backspace) press and typing what you want of the following commands, press Enter. If the command contains a name, then you need to replace the entire parenthesis with the first name of the character that you want the code to affect. If the code contains an item name, replace the parenthesis with the item’s name, as shown in your inventory, without spaces, paying attention to uppercase and lowercase. If # is present in the command, you can type a digit instead.


Changing the mood of the character of your choice – setmorale (firstname) #
It shows all the drawing variables – illuminati
Irradiation is activated when you press the T Key – devmode
It allows you to give yourself a certain inventory item. (# is optional) – giveitem (ItemName) #
Provides more equipment – giveequipment #
Provides more experience – givexp #
Provides more weed – giveherbs #
Provides more meat – givemeat #
Provides more drugs – givemedicine #
Provides more metal – givemetal #
Provides more – giveoil #
Provides more rations – giverations #
Provides more rope – giverope #
Provides more valuable things – givevaluables #
Provides more wood – givewood #
Injuring a specific character – smite (firstname)
Injuring all followers – thespanishinquisition
Removes a specific follower from your party – remove (first name)
Bringing all injured followers back to health – tordenskjold
Bringing a follower who didn’t come to the party – return (first name)


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