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We have prepared an article that we think will guide you in the simulation game Game Dev Tycoon, which you can start in a garage for the purpose of game development and move on to become a company that guides the gaming industry. In this article, we will tell you how to more easily achieve your goals such as “Making a successful game in Game Dev Tycoon”, “Raising money in Game Dev Tycoon”, “Game Dev Tycoon genre harmony”.

We recommend that you do not play two or more games in a row on the same topic or genre. In the same way, it will not work much if you make a sequel game or an expansion pack in the same year. Developing an AAA game without 3D v6 or developing an AAA game without reconciling all the employees in your company will also not bring any profit.

As for what you need to do. When developing a game, you need to determine the genre based on the platform on which you are developing the game. If the type of game you are developing is not popular on the PC or console you are developing the game for, the chances of your game being successful will decrease. Here, too, you need to have an experience of which genre is more successful on which platform, unless you have already read this article! Now we are explaining to you in a list which games are most likely to be successful on which platform.

PC: If you develop a Simulation or Strategy game on this platform, the chances of success are quite high. Again, Adventure games are also available on the PC platform.

G64: Strategy and Adventure games are likely to be successful.

TES: Casual i.e. If you make a casual game, your game will be successful. It is unlikely that other types of games will be successful on this platform.

Vena Oasis: The most successful games on this platform are usually among the Action games Dec Simulation games are also likely to be successful, if not as successful as action.

Master V: Casual games are becoming successful. You can also try action games on this platform.

Dreamvast: Simulation and Action games

Playsystem, Playsystem 2, Playsystem 3 and Playsystem 4: Action and role-playing (RPG) games.

Playsystem 5: As with the previous consoles in the series, Action games are also successful on the PS5; in addition, Simulation games are also likely to be successful here.

Mbox, mBox 360 and mBox One: Action and role-playing (RPG) games.

mBox Next: Casual games and Action games.

According to the platforms, the game type recommendations were as follows. Now comes the question of how much we will pay attention to what is in the development stage of the game. Issues such as which type of game the graphics should be at the forefront of, and which one we should focus on the story in will be decisive in terms of whether the game will hold or not. Therefore, we need to pay attention to this part when developing games.

Action Game Development
Development Stage 1: If you have decided to develop an action game, the topic that you should focus on most at the first stage will be the game engine. You can guess how important the game engine is to be able to transfer the action to the players. In the same way, gameplay is an important factor in action games. You can also pay attention to gameplay, but you should know that the story is not so important in action games in Game Dev Tycoon.
Development Stage 2: You don’t need to pay attention to dialogues. AI is the topic you need to focus on the most at this stage. And then comes the section design.
Development Stage 3: Graphics and sound are important in action games. You don’t have to be very interested in world design.

Role-Playing (RPG) Game Development
Development Stage 1: In role-playing games, as you can imagine, the most important detail is the “Story”. The “role-playing” state, which gave the genre its name, will acquire meaning only with a strong storyline. Again, another important detail in RPG games is gameplay. So, it’s a case of how to do role-playing. You do not need to dwell too much on the game engine.
Development Stage 2: In a role-playing game, you need to take care of dialogues and episode design. AI is not very important.
Development Stage 3: Focus on World Design. Graphics will also be effective. Voice is not very important.

Casual Game Development
Development Stage 1: If you want to develop a casual game, the most important issue you should pay attention to in the first stage will be gameplay. Since casual games are games that people want to play to spend time without thinking too much, gameplay takes an important place. That is, other details at the initial stage are of little importance.
Development Stage 2: Chapter design is the topic you should focus on in the second stage of casual games. The rest doesn’t really matter.
Development Stage 3: Graphics and Sound are important. The impact of world design is minimal.

Strategy Game Development
Development Stage 1: When you start developing a strategy game, the things you need to care about will be the gameplay and the game engine.
Development Stage 2: Focus on Department Design and AI.
Development Stage 3: World Design is important. The sound also has a slight effect.

We’ve got it covered so far. Now you can start celebrating the success of your games when you develop games according to the recommendations above. This, in turn, will contribute to the growth of your company, which is a game developer. Now, let’s come to the next level, that is, to create games that contain more than one genre.

Action/Adventure Game: focus on the game engine, AI and graphics.
Action/Casual Gameplay: Gameplay, episode design, graphics and sound are important.

Adventure/Role-Playing Game: Story, dialogues, world design and sound are what should be paid attention to.
Adventure/Strategy Game: You should pay attention to the story, dialogues and world design.

Simulation/Strategy Game: Gameplay, game engine, chapter design, AI and graphics.

Casual/Strategy Game: Gameplay, episode design, graphics and sound.

You now have the necessary experience of the games. Now every game you will release will have a separate fan base, the audience will wait for you to announce a new game. You will have a growing team and an office with more facilities. By the way, if you want to unlock the R & D laboratory in the game, you need to hire a design specialist Dec In the same way, you should also hire a technologist to unlock the hardware lab.

Let’s end our article with general recommendations on the game.
-Patch your games at December intervals.
-Share with fans the source codes of your old games.
-You should constantly train yourself and your employees. Remember that the more knowledge and skills you have, the more your success will increase.

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