Internet Cafe Simulator 2 cheats / cheat codes

You can find tips and tricks about the simulation game Internet Cafe Simulator 2, which was developed and distributed by Cheesecake Dev, and where you are trying to improve this shop by running an internet cafe shop, in our article.

How to cheat money in Internet Cafe Simulator 2
The tip that will allow you to earn $ 100,000 in just a few hours.
First of all, let’s note that you started the game with $ 2,000. Instead of buying a computer as soon as it starts, get an arcade machine for $ 1400. Then open your cafe. You get $120 every time customers use the atari machine. This way, when you buy an arcade machine in your store for several days in a row, every time customers use these arcade machines, you start earning between $2,000 dec $3,000 a day in total. Then you can start buying the best quality computers, consoles, start hiring staff to work in your shop.

As for the question “How to quickly open achievements in Internet Cafe Simulator 2”, let’s get to it.
The tip that is the answer to the question “how to make 100% success in Internet Cafe Simulator 2”.

Fighter – You need to knock out some people.
Tutorials – This achievement will be unlocked when you do the tutorials.
Police Investigation – The police need to call you at random.
Thief – This achievement will be unlocked when you knock out a thief who wants to steal against you.
Family – Do their duty by talking to the beggar. After falling asleep and waking up, the beggar will embark on a new quest. Therefore, by falling asleep and waking up, you will be able to find new tasks.
Blackjack – Give the bodyguard $100 to get inside by finding the rabbit club. This achievement will be unlocked when you play poker for the 1st time in the room at the back of the bar.
Hotdog – Hotdog stand.
Cracker – You need to drug a game with the cmd console located on your computer.
Game Lover – You need to buy all the games on your computer via Steem.
MMO’s golem – You need to kill a golem by playing classic Warcry on your computer.
Reporter – When you leave your apartment, there are two garbage cans right in front of you, dec between them, Amogus.
Flying Cafe – from beggar to 7. one task a day. $1,500.00 is needed.
Mining – After buying Bitcoin miners and mining more than 1 BTC, you need to sleep in your bed.
Crypto – You need to buy and sell $100,000 worth of crypto.
Richest – You need to go to sleep when you reach $100,000.
Freespin – You should buy free spins at Fruit Spin for $2,000.00.

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