Medieval Dynasty cheats / cheat codes

A strategic role-playing game developed by Render Cube and distributed by Toplitz Productions, Medieval Dynasty is a game played in the form of an open world in medieval Europe. If you have just started this game where you can hunt, develop your village into a city and manage your land, this guide will do the job.

How to create a party in the game?
When creating your game, it is possible to set the difficulty level and some details about the game. To do this, first enter the customization section in the menu from where you started the game. A list will appear in the right part of the screen. When you have already hover over the corresponding part, its description will appear on the left side of the screen. Here you can choose the options that suit you.

– Use of shortcuts. Using shortcuts during the game will save you quite a lot of time.

– At the beginning of the game you need to stay away from wild animals. Having a bow with you for these dangerous animals will be a good way to kill them.

– Things found on stones, branches or on the ground in the game can be useful to you.

– Tasks may seem boring and repetitive at times, but we recommend that you complete these tasks. In addition to increasing the reputation of your dynasty, these tasks will give you points and money in skill trees and technologies. The place of money in the game is also quite a lot. For example, when you build your village, you will have taxes to pay. In addition, you will encounter many situations such as animals that you need to buy.

– Get a bag at the first opportunity in the game. so you will be able to carry more weight.

How to earn production skill points?
– You have to build a building. the skill score varies depending on the building being built and the material used. When making your buildings, you should make sure that you choose the best materials.
– You can repair buildings. You can repair a building after every seasonal change.
– Everything you produce or cook will give you experience.

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