Monster Hunter Rise cheats / cheat codes

We have compiled for you some tips that we think may be useful to you in the multiplayer mode of the action-role-playing game Monster Hunter Rise, developed and published by Capcom and available in the PC and Nintendo Switch versions.

– You can share guild cards with other hunters so that they can find you more easily. In addition, if you play with a person whose guild cards you have changed, you can get extra bonus points for friendship rewards.

– It would be a good idea to prepare a radial menu for stickers and lines in order to communicate more quickly and conveniently. This way you can communicate more comfortably and give your reaction faster during the game.

We can recommend some stickers that you can use as shortcuts as follows;

– hello
– Goodbye
– Thank you
– High five
– Well done
– Here
– Wait a minute
– Ready to go
– I’m sending a mission.
– Thanks for the hunts
– I need the target killed!
– I need to get some supplies!
– The Hunter’s Assistants are being Taken!
– Bring the target here!

– Send likes to your hunter friends at the end of the hunt. This way you will show that you appreciate them. In addition, you will also contribute to collecting friendship points. If you collect enough friendship points, you will be rewarded with special friendship coupons. For example, you can give likes to everyone who was at your hunting party.

– When you see the supply chest in the Gathering Hub missions, this chest, which is prepared for a total of 4 players, will be quite useful to you.

It is important to have the appropriate camera setup in the game. Since the Monster Hunter series was first developed for mobile and portable consoles, changing some settings can directly affect your activity in the game. It is quite possible that your in-game activity will increase if you use the settings written below.

Camera shake: Off
Target Camera Control: Type 3
Camera Style: No focus
Target Camera – Vertical Settings: Do not adjust the height
Dynamic Camera Settings: Off
Focus Camera Settings: No limitation
Camera distance: 100
Zone Setting: Off

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