Mount & Blade Warband cheats for PC

For Mount & Blade Warband cheats, one of the unique productions of Taleworlds, what you need to do is quite simple. It will be enough for you to follow what we are saying step by step.

Always make backups first for Mount & Blade Warband cheats. Go to the character screen and click on the statistics (bottom left). Next, press the export character, go to all the boxes, close or minimize M & B, and select the one with exactly the same name as the character you exported .use the search function to find dec txt file:

A: Users can choose “_username_” DocumentsMount & Blade WarbandCharacters Edit the statistics as you like and then import your character.

List of All Mount and Blade Warband Cheats
Enter the following codes at the corresponding time for the desired result. First you need to click on the “Allow Cheats” option in the Configuration menu.

CTRL + X: Gives you 1,000 Gold in the Inventory
CTRL + SHIFT + F6: Knock out all your troops
CTRL + F6: Knock out one of your troops
CTRL + X: 1,000 Experience Points Bonus
CTRL + W: Add 10 points to the weapon specialization
CTRL + F5: AI Fights For You
CTRL + H: Full Health
CTRL + F4: Kill the Enemy Automatically
CTRL + T: View All Sides
CTRL +F9: Slow Motion
CTRL + Left Click: Teleport your team
CTRL + F3: Hurt Yourself
CTRL + F3: Damage Allies
CTRL + H – Full Health
CTRL + Shift + H: Full Health of Your Horse
Ctrl + Alt + F4: Destroy enemy troops
CTRL + F11: Stop Time
CTRL + Space: Fast Forward

Unlimited Denar (Unlimited Money)
To enable this trick, type reg_config in the installation folder of your game.go to the txt address and find the line that says cheat_mode = 0. change 0 to 1 and save it. Remember that you are doing this at your own risk, as it has the potential to corrupt your files, game, or computer. Then, while on the inventory screen, hold down the CTRL button and press X. Doing this will save you 1,000 Denars. Do this over and over again to Denar as much as you want.

If you have a problem with Mount & Blade Warband cheats, please don’t forget to add it in the comments.

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