Pokemon Go Tips

We present to you various tips related to the popular mobile game Pokemon Go. It would be more correct to say that there are tips on Pokemon Go, although they are not like “Pokemon Go cheats”.

Using the friend system in the update in September 2016, it is possible to choose Pikachu as a companion for walking together. If you want Pikachu to stand on your shoulder, Pikachu will appear on your character’s shoulder if you walk for 10 kilometers with Pikachu as your friend.

Do you want to play Pokemon Go not vertically, but horizontally? Then we will tell you about how to play the Pokemon Go game horizontally. First, you need to hold your phone horizontally. Then, on the Main Map screen, enter the menu and Settings located at the bottom to bring up the “options” list. In the Settings, select the “Report a High Priority Issue” option. He will ask if you are sure that you want to quit the game. Select the “Yes” option. In fact, you will not have reported any problems.

After the Internet page opens, touch the home screen directly without waiting. it will open the Internet to load the page to report problems. Don’t wait for the page to load and tap the home screen to return to the home screen of your iPhone. Open the Pokemon Go app again. The page will stop loading and return to the settings menu. Only this time the game will switch to landscape mode. However, let’s remind you that in some parts of the game you may encounter errors in this mode.

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