Prison Simulator Tips and Cheats

In order to be more successful in Prison Simulator, the prison simulation game developed by Baked Games, we present you with a guide-like article.

First of all, it is necessary to maintain order in matters such as interaction with prisoners as guards and interaction of prisoners with each other. In addition, there are also operations that are performed routinely in the game. It consists of tasks such as cleaning weapons, for example, or checking for leaks in incoming items. Also, there are emergency situations in the game. In times of crisis, situations such as fighting rebellious prisoners or maintaining peace can be found without support.

In Prison Simulator, you can choose to be a guard who loves his job and does it rightfully, or to be a corrupt person who keeps his own interests at the top. Either way, there are options in front of you. You can be calm and forgiving towards prisoners or, on the contrary, be a cruel character. The game has different personality traits that affect how each character reacts to certain situations. Of course, we recommend that you be a good guard and follow the rules. 🙂

Prison Simulator tips:
– After the trade is unlocked, prisoners will have options to gift or sell contraband goods. You can see a dollar sign on the heads of some prisoners. You can sell goods to prisoners for money or give them as a gift to gain respectability.
– More prisoners will be able to work if additional stands are october for workshops. This way you can earn more money.
– In the game, the use of a taser or pepper spray is limited. Therefore, you should act knowing that the taser can be charged only the next day, and pepper spray, when it runs out, you need to buy a new one if you want to use it again.
– You’re not supposed to face prisoners when there are other guards nearby. Because there is a chance that other guards will get the wrong impression.
– If you have reached the appropriate level, buy skills, they can facilitate your work in the future.
– If you want to increase your strength, you can try playing basketball.
– In the game, after several conversations with colleagues or prisoners, it is possible to hear a number of rumors depending on your location.
– In case of a riot, you can find the equipment you need locked behind bars at the shooting range.
– When you go to the director’s room, you can buy better weapons, tools or upgrades using the computer.

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