The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Cheats

There must also be a etiquette to killing dragons

To activate cheats, first press the “é” key, and then type the following codes into the console and activate it to activate the desired cheat using the console that opens for you.

Show console commands – help
Immortality – tgm
Skip level – advlevel
Develop your talent – advskill [name of talent] Animate the target object – resurrect
Complete all task sections – caqs
Let the map show all the places on it – togglemapmarkers
Give the players all the magic powers – psb
Move an object on its target – movetoqt
Open a locked door or container at the specified level – lock [1-100] Open the specified door and container – unlock
Kill the specified NPC – kill (If the NPC is not specified, all NPCs around you will die)
– Player october add the specified amount of gold.additem 0000000f[digit] October the specified number of lockpicks – players.additem 0000000a[digit] October the specified number of hammers – player.additem 0000000c[digit] October the specified number of skeleton keys – player.additem 0000000b[digit] Add a specified number of skill points – modpcs [ability], [digitoctober
Add a specified number of attributes – modpca [property], [digitoctober
October the specified number of stat points – player.setav [stat] [digit] October spells to your character’s spell book – player.addspell [spell code] Delete spells from your character’s spell book – player.removespell [spell code] Edit the player’s Level – player.setlevel [1-255] All task sections – completeallqueststages
Edit the character’s hair color – hairtint [red] [green] [blue] Edit the character’s fame – setpcfame
Edit the character’s bad reputation – setpcinfamy
Free camera angle – tfc
Teleportation – player.coc [location code] Drop items to the specified location -player.additem [item code] [quantity] Add the specified spell october addspell [spell code] Go through the wall – tcl
Show all commands – ( 1.alternative trick of the trick ) tfh
Create subtitles when NPCs are talking – showsubtitle
In the game you get everything included – tai
Everyone fight in the game – tcai
Let everything be discovered in the game – tdetect
Show debugging – ( For those who don’t know, don’t bother too much) tdt
Save game – savegame [file name] Quit the game right now – qqq
Set the camera angle between 75 and 75 degrees – setcamerafov [degree] Change the gender of the character – sexchange
Change the date of the character’s birthday – showbirthsignmenu
Change the character’s class – showclassmenu
Change the weather forecast – fw [weather code] Open locked weather cases – releaseweatheroverride
Open the selection screen – showbirthsignmenu
Open the class selection screen – showclassmenu
The screen showing the days you entered the game – showfullquestlog [quest id] Show task logs – showquestlog
Play the game in full screen – ssg

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