Tropico 4 Cheats

Every president needs a little help

Type the codes on the game screen

cheguevara: triggers an attack by the rebels
civilwar: Ensures the uprising of the people
dinggratz: Maximizes the experience of workers / they become college graduates instantly
downwiththetyrant: Lets the rebels attack the palace
elpollodiablo: Saves partition instantly
generalpenultimo: Initiates a military coup
iamthestate: Opens all edicts
muchopesos: +100000 dollars
nowhiskey: -20 US$
novodka: -20 USSR relations
pachangasi: adds +10 to the level of happiness of the people of Tropico
speedygonzales: Buildings are made instantly
trabajono: All tasks are opened
twoheadedllama: +100% Tourism rate
vivala0: Randomly opens a destructive situation (natural disaster)
vivala1: Opens the assassination attempt
vivala2: Opens the hostage crisis situation
vivala3: Opens bomb threat status
vivala4: Opens the status of the workers’ strike
vivala5: Opens the media invasion status
vodka: +20 USSR.
whiskey: +20 US dollars

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