Valheim cheats and all console commands (Current)

If you want to try different things in the game or it sounds too difficult, here is our article Valheim cheats and console commands here for you!

Valheim cheats : Valheim is a game that opens up as you play, becoming more difficult as you open it. If you are having difficulty overcoming this difficulty, the console commands are at your disposal! Valheim cheats are written to the console and are quite simple to use. In this article, we will show you how to use these cheats and cheat codes for you. Of course, you can also use these commands not only to try new things in the game. It is also worth noting from the very beginning, the commands that you will see in the article work only in single-player mode. However, the items or features that you get thanks to the Valheim cheats can be moved to multiplayer servers with your character.


Talent Enhancement Codes
Item Spawning
Various other tricks
Server Admin Commands
About Valheim
Do we get banned for cheating?

Valheim cheats and console commands
As we mentioned at the beginning, these codes that you will write to this console will only work in single-player mode. For this purpose, when entering the world you have created, the “Start Server” button at the bottom is turned on, if it is turned off, you need to turn it off. When writing Valheim console commands, do not forget to delete the square brackets in the inscription. You also need to enter parameters such as abilities, item names in English. If you type in Turkish as in the game, it will not work. For this, we will separately list the codes for abilities for you at the bottom. First of all, do not forget to type “devcommands” in the console that you opened with the F5 key. If you type correctly, you will receive a message saying “Cheats: True” or “Cheats: True”. To activate the Valheim console commands and cheats, you need to type.

Update: If the console doesn’t open when you press F5, this is also a feature added after the update mentioned at the bottom. Now in order to open the console, you need to right-click on the game from your Steam library and type “-console” in the “Properties” > “Launch Options” section. After doing this, you can open the console with the F5 key in the game.

Update: The cheat code that was formerly “imacheater” along with the incoming 0.148.6 patch has now been changed to “devcommands”.

Ability enhancement commands – Valheim Cheats
raiseskill run 100 – Makes your running ability 100
resetskill run – Resets your ability to run
Other abilities
unarmed – Unarmed
jump – Jump
sneak – Privacy
clubs – Clubs
blocking – Blocking
run – Run
bows – Archery
axes – Axes
spears – Spears
knives – Knives
woodcutting – Cutting Trees
swim – Swimming
pickaxes – Pickaxes
swords – Swords
polearms – Crows

Valheim console commands
To obtain items with the help of Valheim console commands, you can type in the form of “spawn [item name] [quantity] [level]” by deleting the brackets. If the item you are going to buy does not have a level -like wood- it will be enough just to write down the quantity. In addition, the list of all the items was written by a user on Reddit. The item is not added directly to your inventory, it appears in front of your character. That is why we recommend that you write on flat floors. This is one of the some things you should pay attention to when writing Valheim cheats.

Various other Valheim tricks
god – Immortality
pos – It shows the position you are currently in on the map
goto [coordinate] – You are teleported to the coordinates you entered
killall – Kills all enemies around you
tame – Tames all nearby domesticable animals
exploremap – The whole map opens
location – Teleports you to your rebirth coordinates (where you threw the mattress)
freefly – You switch to free camera mode
ffsmooth – Free camera mode becomes cinematic
resetcharacter – Resets the values of your character
wind [angle] [intensity] – Allows you to adjust the wind angle and intensity
resetwind – Resets the wind
removedrops – Deletes items on the floor
debugmode – The game switches to debug mode, while in debug mode, the Z key acts as a fly, the K key acts as a kill nearby enemies, and the B key acts as a repair for damaged items in your inventory.
sleep – A day jumps forward
skiptime [number] – Jumps forward until the specified number
event [name] – Starts the event whose name is written
stopevent – Stops the current event
tod – Allows you to set the time, you must type 0 or 1 for midnight, 0.5 for midday and -1 to return to your normal time.
ghost – Enemies ignore you
puke – Resets hunger and endurance
model [0 or 1] – You switch between female and dec characters
hair – Removes your character’s hair
beard – Removes your character’s beard

Console commands for the server admin
help – Shows server commands
ping – You can find out your latency by pinging the server
lodbias – Set the drawing distance dec 1 to 5
info – Displays the current system information
kick [Username] – Throws the specified player from the server
ban [Username] – Prohibits the specified user from the server
unban [Username] – Opens the account of the specified user
banned – Shows the list of banned users

About Valheim
Valheim was first released on January 2, 2021 and has been incredibly popular since its release. The game developed by the Swedish developer Iron Gate Studio is in the Viking themed open world and survival genre. The game, published by Coffee Stain Studios, managed to sell a total of 6 million copies in its first 6 weeks. At this rate, it looks like it will sell more.

Can we get banned from the game for cheating?
If you don’t have admin privileges on private servers in Valheim, you can’t cheat anyway. But if you enter a regular server with a fraudulent character, if the server authorities feel something is wrong with you and are offended by it, they can ban you. Therefore, try to use your cheating characters in single-player games and to play normally for multiplayer games if other players are not cheating as well.

This is how you can write cheats to the console while playing Valheim. We hope that our article Valheim cheats has helped you. Nevertheless, when entering other people’s servers, be sure to choose a different character. Not everyone may want to cheat, so as not to end up getting kicked off the server. Also be sure to read our Valheim review. This is how the Valheim console commands were summarized. You can specify your comments and suggestions in the comments section. Love!!

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