14 New Games Have Arrived on GeForce Now

GeForce Now has received 14 new games, including the Lost Ark, as well as the 2.0.40 update. Dec. While the popular, free-to-play, action RPG game Lost Ark, which can be played by connecting to the device wherever it is, is expected to receive great attention on GeForce NOW, new chapters can be discovered, different cultures, strange creatures and natural wonders can be encountered in this open-world adventure game.

GeForce NOW games will experience further upgraded game trials with the 2.0.40 update for a number of new features. For M1-based Macbooks, Imacs, and Mac Minis, the update will provide lower power consumption and faster application launch times. Mac games, such as the God of War, which was added last week, will be able to play beloved games for longer without installing the device on fire.

In addition, a new and improved streaming statistics screen has also been added for more information. One of the noteworthy additions was the game fps, which joined the existing streaming fps (processing frame rates). (Flow frame rates)

GFN games, new games to be played in the application can be discovered more easily with the Type line added at the bottom of the games menu. The sorting options used, the ability to see all the games available in it, sorting by specific regions and device type, narrowing down the list with multiple filters from one are also correct.

List of 14 games added to the library this week:

* Dune: Spice Wars (New Version on Steam)

* Holomento (New Version on Steam)

* Prehistoric Kingdom (New Version on Steam and Epic Games Store)

* Romans: The Age of Caesar (New Version on Steam)

* Sea of Crafts (New Version on Steam)

* Trigon: Space Story (New Version on Steam)

* Vampire: Masquerade – Bloodhunt (New Version on Steam)

* Shoots of Conan (Epic Games Store)

* Scanning (Steam)

* Flashing lights – Police, Fire Fighting, Emergency Service Simulator (Steam)

* Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition (Steam)

· Jupiter Hell (Steam)

* Lost Ship (Steam)


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