Hearts of Iron 4 cheats – Hoi 4 console commands (Full list 2022)

Hearts of Iron 4 2 is a best-selling strategy game developed by Paradox Development Studios and published by Paradox Interactive. It is about World War II. If you have trouble playing the game and doing strategy, you can find an updated and complete list of all Hearts of Iron 4 cheats console commands in this guide. In this article, you will learn about Hearts of Iron 4, that is, HoI4 cheats for short, and you will be able to use these cheats.

Hearts of Iron 4 cheats – HoI 4 cheats and console commands
To use the cheats in our list of Hearts of Iron 4 cheats, you need to open the console by pressing the console button. The console key can be (é) or “ESC”. If your keyboard layout does not support these keys, you can use the combination “Shift+2” or “Shift+3”.

Also tips HoI 4 cheats may come in handy when using console commands. For tips on performing Hearts of Iron 4 cheats, it is recommended to use the console command “tdebug”. In this way, you can see the country tags when you hover over them. The Hearts of Iron 4 cheats that you will enter when you open the console are as follows:

gain_xp [amount] – Can be used to add experience to a Leader/General. The specified amount of experience is added to the Leader/General you have selected.

cp [quantity] – Adds command October (maximum 100%).

st [quantity] – Adds stability (max. %100). You can remove stability by specifying a negative number.

ws [amountOctober – Adds combat support (up to 100%). To remove combat support, you can write a negative number.

allowtraits – Removes restrictions on the global property assignment. To execute, to give orders to commanders, etc. it allows you to assign general properties.

add_equipment [quantity] [equipment name] – Can be used to add a certain amount of any equipment other than marine equipment. You can remove the equipment by specifying a negative amount or so.

Note: You may need to investigate certain equipment before using it, in which case you will need to use the command ‘research all’ or ‘research_on_icon_click’.

add_latest_equipment [quantity] – Adds a specified amount of equipment to each piece of equipment that you unlock or fully investigate (i.e., to each type of October in your logistics menu).

whitepeace [country id] [country id] – Instantly makes a “white flag” between the specified countries Dec It brings peace.

teleport [city id] – Used to activate the teleportation tool or to instantly teleport any selected ship or army to the area with the specified ID.

allowdiplo – Allows the use of any diplomatic actions without justification.

debug_nuking – After the execution of this command, a nuclear bomb is allowed in any province, regardless of the circumstances.

instantconstruction – Enables instant construction trick. It ensures that all construction takes place instantly. HoI4 is also known as a construction trick.

event [event id] [country id] – Starts the specified event in the specified country.

research [equipment id/’all’] – Can be used to investigate all equipment or equipment in a specific technology slot.

research_on_icon_click – This command instantly explores any technology when its icon is clicked in the technology tree. It is also known as the HoI 4 instant research trick.

annex [country id / ‘all’] – Initializes an October with the specified country id. It claims its territory for your country.

winwars – Gives your country the maximum battle score for all the battles it is currently participating in.

manpower [quantityOctober – Adds the amount of manpower you specify to your country.

add_opinion [source country id] [destination country id] – Adds an opinion to a country other than the specified country id.Octobers_opinion [source country id] [destination country id] – Adds an opinion to a country other than the specified country id.

tag [country id] – Changes your country to the specified country. For example, ‘tag ENG’ allows you to play as Great Britain. Hearts of Iron 4 is also known as a country trick.

observe – Puts any country into the observation mode that you have set to not play. So the whole game is played on autopilot. Messages are not shown and the game is not automatically paused. HoI 4 also passes as an observation mode trick.

tdebug – Enables or disables the debug mode. When you hover over them in debug mode, the status, equipment, provinces, etc. the id numbers of things are shown, and they are quite useful because they are used in console commands.

spawn [union name/id] [city id] [quantity] – Can be used to create a certain amount of troops in a state.

NOTE: To use the command, you must add ‘-debug’ to your startup options. Otherwise, the command will not work.

occupationpaint [country id] – If no country id is specified, this command changes the occupation coloring. If the country id argument is provided, your country will occupy all the land owned by the specified country.

setowner [country id] [state id] – Determines the owner of a specified state.

setcontroller [country id] [city id] – Sets the controller of a specified province.

xp [quantityOctober – Adds the specified amount of experience. Army DP, marine DP and air DP, etc.

pp [October] – Adds a specified amount of political power to your country.

civilwar [ideology] [country id] – Starts a civil war within a country with a designated ideology. Fascism, neutrality, communism are among the ideologies that you can identify Decembristically.

add_party_popularity [ideology group] [quantityOctober – Adds a specified amount of party popularity to the specified ideology group. The ideology groups are: f (Fascism), d (Democratic), n (Neutral) and c (Communism).

set_ruling_party [ideology group] – Organizes the specified ideology group as the ruling party. The ideology groups are: f (Fascism), d (Democratic), n (Neutral) and c (Communism). Note that if you want to change the ruling party of another country, you will first need to switch to this party with the tag command.

help [command] – If executed without an argument (just ‘help’), it will print a list of commands. Prints help information for the specified command if it is executed with a command as an argument.

focus.autocomplete – Provides instant completion of national foci. This command affects the artificial intelligence of the game.

focus.nochecks – Allows focus requirements to be ignored. Dechecks – nochecks – nochecks – nochecks – nochecks

focus.ignoreprerequisites -Allows focus prerequisites to be ignored.

decision.nochecks – Ensures that Decisional requirements are ignored.

instant_prepare – The execution of this command will cause naval invasions to skip the preparation time.

NOTE: To use the command, you must add ‘-debug’ to your startup options. Otherwise, the command will not work.

nu [amount] – Adds the specified amount of watercraft service to your October of watercraft services.

NOTE: This command is a Pre-1.5 version command. It will not work in subsequent versions.

nuke [quantityOctober – Adds a specified amount of nuclear bombs to your current country. HoI 4 is also known as a nuclear bomb trick.

yesman – Causes artificial intelligence to automatically accept any diplomatic offer of his country, regardless of the situation.

rendertype – Prints to the screen the type of rendering currently in use for your client.

tweakergui – Opens a tweaker GUI.

add_ideas [idea nameOctober – Adds the idea to your current country with the specified ID/name.

reload [file name] – This command can be used to reload a file without opening and closing your game.

time – Prints the current time.

reloadfx [map/.fx file] – Reloads game shaders. If you want, you can specify a postfx or a file name.

particle_editor – Opens the particle editor GUI.

testtool – Opens the test tool.

analyzetheatres – Will check all threats in the game for errors.

massconquer – Opens the mass conquest tool.

deleteallunits [country id] – Deletes all units of the specified country id.

theatersrebuild – Recreates all existing theaters.

fronts – Enables or disables the visibility of foreign fronts.

aidump – Assigns AI data from your current selected volume to a log file.

traderouts – Enables or disables the visibility of trade routes.

debug_tactics – Tactical debugging enables or disables the visibility of the hint.

reloadsupply – Reinstalls all supply systems.

deltat [speed multiplier] – Will change the speed of animations in the game. The specified number is a multiplier. if you type 2, it doubles the speed, 0.5 halves the speed.

building_health [building type] [state id/city id] [level] [quantity] – Can be used to change the health of an existing building.

nomapicons – Enables or disables the visibility of icons on the map.

nopausetext – Enables or disables the visibility of the pause menu. It is very useful for screenshots.

nextsong – Skips to the next music in the in-game music playlist.

combatsound [frequency] – Can be used to change the frequency of a random sound emitted from the combat view. The number should be Dec 1 to 50.

morehumans [amount] – Will give the specified amount of people to your current country.

window [open / close] [GUI name] – Opens or closes the GUI with the specified name.

reloadinterface – Reloads the game interface.

reloadtechnologies – Reloads all technologies.

updateequipments – Forcibly reloads equipment-related files (/Hearts of Iron IV/common/units/equipment/).

updatesubunits – Forcibly reloads files related to the volume (/Hearts of Iron IV/common/units/).

reloadoob [country id] – Reloads the country’s OOB (order of battle) with the specified tag.

update_loc [localization key] – Reloads the specified localization key.

poll – Destroys the current events.

pause_in_hours [time] – Pauses the game at the end of the specified time.

add_autonomy [country id] [quantity] October Adds or subtracts to the specified country’s autonomy level.

testevent [event ID] [character ID] – Tests the specified ID without triggering it.

resign – Causes you to resign from your current position.

add_interest [country id] – Adds the country with the specified tag to your October.

remove_interest [country id] – Removes the country with the specified tag from your area of interest.

add_diplo – Adds diplomatic route for your October country.

printsynchstuff – Prints the current seed of your game.

human_ai – Enables or disables AI for human countries.

ai_invasion – Enables or disables artificial intelligence for marine invasion.

ai_accept – Enables or disables whether artificial intelligence will always accept diplomacy.

collision – Enables or disables the collision debugging GUI (toggles).

savegame – Saves the game by force.

savecheck – Can be used to check that the save is working correctly. Creates a save file named ‘test_01’. It loads it and then saves it as ‘Test_02’. The two files must be the same (size, etc.) if not, there may be a problem with saving.

requestgamestate – Prints the game status.

opens the Nudge – Nuge tool.

mapmode [mapmode id] – Changes the map mode to the specified type.

fullscreen – Turns fullscreen mode on or off.

prices – Get the price information.prints it to the log.

add_core [state id] [country id] – Adds the specified state October the ‘core’ of the specified country.

debug_zoom – will cause the game to zoom in.

debug_types – is an advanced debugging tool, it works only when RTTI is executed.

debug_show_event_id – Prints the current event ID.

debug_commands – The number of available ‘commands’ in the message.prints to the log file.

debug_events – Initializes the event count. Prints the collected data using the ‘debug_dumpevents’ command.

debug_dumpevents – will print the data collected since the last run of the ‘debug_events’ command.

debug_diploactions – Starts the diplomatic action log, prints the data collected from it using the ‘debug_dumpdiploactions’ command.

debug_dumpdiploactions – will print the data collected since the last run of the ‘debug_dumpdiploactions’ command.

debug_assert – Enables or disables confirmations.

debug_smooth – Enables or disables frame smoothing.

debug_nomouse – Enables or disables the functionality of the mouse scroll wheel.

debug_terrain – Enables or disables terrain.

debug_cities – Enables or disables the painting mode of cities.

debug_water – This command enables or disables water.

debug_fronts – Enables or disables the interpolated facade debug screen.

debug_off_front_snap – Enables or disables the attacker front capture debug screen.

debug_borders – Enables or disables borders.

debug_trees – Enables or disables trees.

debug_rivers – Enables or disables rivers.

debug_postfx – Enables or disables PostFX.

debug_sky – Enables or disables Sky.

debug_tooltip – Enables or disables tooltips.

flagsoutput [file path] – Will create a texture atlas file and save it to the specified path.

cityreload – This command reloads cities.

error – Prints errors in the log file.

version – Prints the current version of the game to the console.

debug_nogui – Enables or disables the game GUI.

debug_volume [sound value] – Can be used to set the sound of the game.

debug_lockcamera – Enables or disables camera lock.

debug_lines – Enables or disables debug lines.

debug_entities – Enables or disables entities.

debug_info – Enables or disables the debug info screen.

debug_particle – Enables or disables snippets.

debug_ai_budget [country id] – Prints AI budget information to the console.

debug_textures – Texture can be used to print debug information to the game log.

debug_texture – Enables or disables textures such as blooming.

debug_wireframe – Enables or disables the mandatory wireframe of the game.

debug_achievements_clear – Deletes all your achievements and statistics. It is also known as the HoI 4 achievement deletion trick.

moveunit [unit id] [city id] – Moves the specified unit to the specified state.

spawnactor [name] [city id] [animation] – Creates an actor. If an animation is specified as an argument, the character is born with that animation.

guibounds – Enables or disables the Limits debugging GUI.

cameraclamp – Enables or disables the camera clamp.

provtooltipdebug – Il tooltip enables or disables debugging information.

reloadweather [seed] – Reloads the weather forecast. Seed changes with random numbers. Hearts of Iron 4 cheats are called air cheats.

weather – Enables or disables weather. It is known as hoi4 weather trick.

debug_air_vs_land – Enables or disables debug mode for air and ground combat.

mapnames – Enables or disables map names.

profilelog – Set the profiling data/information to ‘time.it will extract it to the ‘log’ file.

run [file name] – Executes a list of commands in a specified file.

oos – Causes the client to exit synchronization.

debug_crash – is a debugging tool. It will debug client crashes when run.

sleep [duration] – Will pause the game for the specified time (seconds).

goto_province [city id] – Moves the center of your camera to the specified region.

goto_state [state id] – Moves the center of your camera to the specified state.

3dstats – Enables or disables 3D statistics.

hdr – Enables or disables high dynamic range imaging.

hdr_debug – Enables or disables high dynamic range imaging debugging.

srgb – Enables or disables color debugging.

bloom – Enables or disables Bloom.

posteffectvolumes.default [post effect] – Can be used to change a specific post effect according to the specified name.

night – Enables or disables night.

filewatcher – Enables or disables file tracker.

createlean – creates LEAN textures.

helplog – After running this command, click game.a list of all commands is extracted to the log file.

hsv – Converts HSV to RGB.

tag_color [rgb color code] – Used to set the label color of your current country.

browser [url] – This command opens the browser window and opens the URL you specified.

browser_base_url [url] – Sets the browser’s URL (loads a page).

aiview – Enables or disables debugging information for artificial intelligence.

airealism – Enables or disables realistic artificial intelligence for the game.

instant_wargoal – Allows any battle to be fought without justification.

set_country_flag [country id] – Sets the flag of the specified country as the flag of your current country.

set_cosmetic_tag [country id] [country id] – Replaces the name and flag of the specified country with the name of another country.

We mentioned 170 HoI4 commands in our Hearts of Iron 4 cheats guide. If there is a Decoy that you are looking for from these commands, you can search by typing “CTRL+F” in the article and using the “Find on page” option in your browser.

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