Left 4 Dead 2 cheats / cheat codes

In order to enter cheat codes in the game Left 4 Dead 2, you must first activate the Allow Developers Console section located on the Keyboard /Mouse under the Options menu in the game.

Open the console by pressing Shift + é while playing. After typing sv_cheats 1 into the console, press Enter. After that, the cheat code will be activated when you type what you want from the codes in the list below and press Enter again.


upgrade_add explosive_ammo – Explosive projectile enhancement application
upgrade_add incrediary_ammo – Application for the development of flammable projectiles
upgrade_add laser_sight – Improves laser engagement
changelevel [map name] – Allows you to change the map

god mode is activated when you do god [0/1] – 1. if you make it 0, it will be disabled
sv_infinite_ammo [1] – Toggle infinite ammunition. – Unlimited bullets

give ammo – Refilling ammo
give adrenaline – Adrenaline increases
give defibrillator – The heart rhythm is regulated
give autoshotgun – gives auto-shotgun
give first_aid_kit – gives first aid kit
give electric_guitar – Guitar
give gascan- tube

give machete – Gives Machete (short sword)
give health – Gives health
give melee – hunter’s claw
give molotov – molotov cocktail
give pain_pills – pain relief
give oxygentank – oxygen tube

give pistol
give pipe_bomb – pipe bomb
give pumpshotgun – shotgun
give pistol – pistol
give propane tank – propane tube
give rifle_ak47 – AK-47
give me a shotgun_spas – SPAS Shotgun
give me a shotgun_chrome – Chrome Shotgun
give smg – SMG
give smg_silenced – SMG with silencer
give me a tonfa – cop
give sniper_military – rifle with binoculars

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