Pokemon GO Cheats 2022 – Fake GPS, get the clock forward

This article, in which we will discuss Pokemon Go cheats and cheat methods, will guide you. You will be able to develop more comfortably with the methods that we will tell you about in the Pokemon Go game, which has also started to become quite popular in our country.

The Best Pokemon Go Cheats for 2022 (Android and iOS)
The Pokemon series is a video game and cartoon series that many of us loved in our childhood and youth. First a video game from Nintendo, the series later turned into an animated series and a movie series. The mobile game of this series, which has established a throne in the hearts of many people today, received a lot of attention when it was released called Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go is an AR (Augmented Reality) game based on Android and iOS, developed by Niantic. Dec. The game, which has gained Turkish support in recent months and many events have been held, has recently become very popular. The game mechanics are based on you hunting Pokemon in your area. We will offer you the best Pokemon Go cheats and cheat methods that you can use in 2022.

Before you start, if you want to know more about the game, you can check out the video below or check out our Pokemon Go review article.

Warning note: All these methods we provide are for suggestion purposes only and we are not responsible for any problems that may occur. When you apply these methods, your account where you are playing the game may be blocked.

Pokemon Go Cheats: Android and iOS cheat methods (2022)
Setting up a fake GPS
Moving the clock forward
Exceeding the speed limit barrier (Speed Limit)
Skipping animations
Monitor the weather
Don’t know the Pokemon that will hatch

1. Setting up a Fake GPS
The stronger the Pokemon you hunt, the easier it is to develop them. Dec doing all this, the game uses Augmented Reality (AR) and your GPS location. Because Pokemon Go is location-based, you can hunt Pokemon from where you are sitting by using a fake location in the game.

So that’s why your current location (GPS) is so important. To overcome this limit, Pokemon fake GPS methods are available on Android and iOS devices. Fake location Decoy is one of the most important Pokemon Go cheats and cheat methods.

In order to make a fake location on iOS devices, your device must be jailbroken. On Android devices, you don’t need any root permissions or October requirements.

How to set fake location (fake GPS) on Android devices:

To set a fake location on your Android device, you must first download the Fake GPS Location: Joystick and Routes app via the Google Play Store. Then you need to put your device in “Developer Mode”.
For this, enter the “Settings”.
From the “About Phone” tab, find the “Build Number” or “Build Number” where it says “Software”.
Then click on them about 7 times.
“You are now the developer! when you see the inscription “Developer Options” the tab will open.
From the “Developer Options” menu, select the “Fake GPS Location” application that you have installed from the “Select fake location application” section.
Then open the “Fake GPS Location” application and select the region where you want to show the location of your phone.

Setting a fake location (fake GPS) on iOS devices (Without Jailbreak):

Download and install iTools.
Open the program and proceed with the free trial version to continue.
Connect your device to your computer and select Virtual Location from the Toolbox menu.
Search for a location at the top of the screen, and then select Go to find it on the map.
To set up your Fake GPS, select the inscription “Move here”.
Now you can exit the virtual location window. If you are asked if you want to stop simulating, you can select no to ensure that your fake GPS location remains even if you disconnect your phone.

To get your real location back, go back to the map, select Stop simulation, and restart your device.

Setting a fake location (fake GPS) on iOS devices (with jailbreak):

Making a fake location application on iOS is quite difficult without a computer. Your device needs to be jailbroken. At the same time, it is also quite difficult to find a good iOS fake GPS application.

Most applications are blocked or disabled by Pokemon Go. However, the iOSRoamingGuide Repo that you will install via Cydia will make your job quite easy.

The application is only available to devices with jailbreak, so it can be accessed via Cydia. Therefore it is not available in the App Store. To install it, follow this method:

Open your Cydia application.
Find and install the iOSRoamingGuide Repo.
Mark the pin on the map according to where you want to show your location.
Using this application is quite simple due to its intuitive map-based design. You leave the mark at your preferred point, and iOSRoamingGuide takes care of the rest. Moreover, you can also pin your favorite points. But, unfortunately, there is no option to change your location automatically.

It’s a little hard to expect more, as iOSRoamingGuide hasn’t been updated since 2016.

2. Moving the clock forward
If you want to play Pokemon Go faster, then in the game you need to skip the time that you have to wait to complete the task. Depending on this, you can reset the standby times by changing the time on your phone.

How to change the time and date on Android devices:

Settings -> System -> Date and Time

To change the time and date on iOS devices:

Settings -> General -> Time and Date

Warning note: Changing the time of your phone may cause you to receive errors in other applications.

3. Exceeding the speed limit barrier (Speed Limit)
Because Pokemon Go is a walking and location-based game, the developers do not allow speeds of more than 30 mph per hour. If you make a speed of more than 30 mph, this may cause Pokemon not to appear around you.

At the same time, if there are other players around you, they may also be affected by this situation. Therefore, the game obliges you to move on foot. But some players say that there are some ways to overcome this.

If a player opens the in-game log and closes it immediately, there is a short period of time when the game loads and does not actually track your speed. During this time, players can spin pokestops and collect items, regardless of what speed they are traveling at.

This time only takes a few seconds, but you usually have enough time to collect all the items in POKESTOP before the game is reloaded. The trick requires a pretty solid schedule, and you probably won’t be able to get it right on your first few attempts.

In addition, the speed scale for phones that can be used in training mode can be adjusted according to human speed and misleads the system, which is also one of the tactics Dec and applied by some players.

4. Skipping animations: How to skip the quick catch trick and Pokemon catch screen?
Skipping animations in Pokemon Go allows you to skip the Pokemon capture screen and significantly reduces the time required to capture Pokemon. This makes this method one of the best Pokemon Go cheats and cheating methods. For the method of skipping Pokemon Go animations, you need to follow these steps:

Use your non-throwing hand to swipe the Pokéball changer icon from right to left. The icon will remain flipped, but the Pokeball drawer will not open. Do not lift your finger.
Use your throwing hand to throw the Pokeball at the Pokemon, as you usually do. Do not lift your left finger until the Pokeball hits the Pokemon.
Use your finger from the left corner. The pokeball drawer will open. Turn it off and press the ”Escape” button as soon as possible.
After exiting the encounter, click on Pokémon again. If you caught it, it will say error, otherwise you will restart the capture encounter.
It may sound quite difficult. But if you do the process successfully after trying it several times, your speed will increase quite a lot.

5. Monitor the weather
It will be quite advantageous for you to know the weather at the location of your choice. Just as the probability of finding a wild Pokemon in a wooded area is different, so is the weather. Depending on the weather, you can see more types of Pokemon.

If you manage to find the types of Pokemon that are most suitable for the weather, your chances of getting a bonus star increase. For example, catching Chimecho on a windy day will give you more points.

6. Don’t know the Pokemon that will hatch
When you buy some Pokemon eggs from POKESTOP, you also need to buy an incubator for them and walk around. There are many kilometers where you need to walk with these eggs before the Pokemon hatch. If you buy an egg in which you need to walk 10 kilometers before hatching, then there is a higher probability that a Pokemon with high statistics will come out.

an egg that requires a 5-kilometer walk can save you a Cubone. if it is an egg that requires a walk of 2 kilometers, we can give you a standard low-level fighting Pokemon.

That’s what Pokemon GO cheats are all about. If you also know different methods or are interested in Pokemon Go tricks, you can share them with us in the comments, research them for you and let us make our content richer.

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